On 14th December 2019, RSPB West Sedgemoor organised a guided walk around their reserve. This reserve is always closed to the general public as this reduces disturbances to the habitats and increases wildlife populations.

When visiting the reserve on the 14th December, the guide informed us that there would be a reduction in wildfowl numbers being sighted during the walk,  due to the fact that one of the dams was leaking. This in turn, lowered the water levels and caused there to be a reduction in wildfowl visiting the reserve. Despite this, we did get to see a wigeon, golden plover, teal, marsh harriers, buzzards and a perigrine falcon during the walk. In addition, we also got to see two cranes flying overhead, but much to our disappointment they didnt land. The perigrine falcon also was sighted harrassing the marsh harriers for the prey that they had just caught.

Overall, the morning's walk was very interesting and it was great to have access to a nature reserve which is generally closed to the public. The walk gave opportunities to see a range of different species of birds along the reserve and to talk to one of the RSPB volunteers. We would highly recommend to others, if they have the opportunity to attend one of these guided walks, to do so. It was great to see a large undisturbed habitat for wildfowl and to visit somewhere new.