Peoples Park, Tiverton

Here, towards the northern end of the town in Park Road, is a descriptive plaque on the main gate recording the advent of this park in 1888. One does not appreciate the Park's size until walking the boundary path Page31L1P199- 6 Nuthatchacres or more to stretch your legs while inspecting the magnificence of these trees at close quarters. Almost 150 years old, a diverse mix of deciduous and conifer, widely spaced yet close to the path, their girth, splendour and prime health invites your touch. Rough, smooth, some even soft, and look into the cracks and crannies for minibugs as John Walters says, and use a x10 lens and a camera. Can you identify them by their leaf, bark and branch structure? At the top of the steps on the far side, the view stretches out over the Exe water plain. Immediately below to the right is the top of the swimming pool and, in front, Tiverton football and rugby pitches. On a wintry Saturday afternoon, and through binoculars, you may freely enjoy a good standard of other people keeping warm. The final leg of this triangular route returns you to the main gate but passes Bartows Causeway to the right, which leads to Castle St. and the centre of town.
Even though the park is popular there are plenty of flowers and birds to attract you attention and the same applies to the cemetary and allotments, both under-visited, a short distance further along Park Road.

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